This document provides the standard policies and practices of the Performa Group and its subsidiaries (Performa) with regard to software sales through international Distributors, resellers and other partners (Distributors).

These policies and procedures will be modified from time to time.

Where specific agreements have been reached with Distributors relating to policies and practices, the specific agreement take precedence over these standard policies and practices.

In the absence of any standard policy or practice, Distributors should contact their territory manager for clarification.

1 - Advertising Policies

All advertising referencing Performa or its products must be approved by relevant territory manager prior to use.

2 - Training Practices

Performa provides product training to its Distributors for a fee plus expenses.

The current list of training courses and associated fees can be provided on request  by the relevant territory manager.

Each training course is usually given by one trainer and is limited to six attendees.  Larger courses can be accommodated by increasing the number of trainers and are priced accordingly.

Attendees from Distributors that successfully complete each training course are provided with the courseware and are deemed to be certified, permitting them to present same training course to the end customers.

3 - Product Support Policies

Performa provides product support for its current commercial products. Performa will provide support for discontinued products for 18 months from the date of the last release.

4 - Shipping Policy

For each order, Performa provides the ability to download the software and will provide a software security key for each named server for which the licence applies. Performa will not ship the product on digital storage media unless requested to do otherwise by the Distributor, in which case the Distributor pays the cost of such production and shipment. Software security keys are timed and a 90 day key will be provided for initial delivery and an unlimited timed key provided on receipt of the licence fee by Performa.

Last updated 7th January, 2015

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