PPC is a leading Information Technology and Management Consulting firm, delivering solutions to Federal, State and Local Government and commercial industry. They are best known for Knowledge & Information Management, Energy Management & Environmental Sustainability, Enterprise Systems Development & Operations and Cyber Security and Information Assurance. With offices in the DC Metropolitan Area and across the nation, we serve Fortune 500 decision makers and Federal, State and local government agencies throughout the U.S.

Performa Group have partnered closey with PPC on the delivery of Performance Based Budgeting Solutions in the US that address the complete sequence of events in the Budget Execution Cycle, Budget and Performance Integration, and Budget Formulation.

NEC Australia’s applications and solutions development business has extensive experience working with customers across multiple industries and segments. Partnering with international and industry leading software vendors means we can deliver your IT projects on time and on budget.

Our unique blend of business pragmatism, supported by deep technical expertise, means they can quickly help you capitalise on the latest innovations to evolve your organisation.

NEC is a Performa partner for BIDS Performance Budgeting and has been involved in the delivery of major BIDS Budget Management Solutions into the Australian Government.
Altum software solutions enable organizations to access and analyze data quickly, make informed strategic decisions and, ultimately, stay out front and in control.

We invite you to learn more about Altum and explore our full range of products and solutions. Atlum is a Performa partner for BIDS Performance Budgeting solution.

Performa Group Apps is a manufacturing ERP software consulting and education solutions firm specializing in Infor LN, Infor Cloudsuites, ION, Ming.le, Baan ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft CRM Online.

We are certified Infor Services Partners and Microsoft Partners with 20+ years of experience implementing a variety of enterprise software applications including business intelligence, barcoding, mobility, CRM, supply chain management and manufacturing execution systems.

Performa Group Apps consultants have done over 15 successful ERP system projects for global manufacturers since 1999.

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