A Registered Research Agency (RRA) is an organization approved by the Commonwealth Government’s Industry Research and Development Board that is capable of carrying out contracted Australian R&D in one or more classes of activity, on behalf of eligible companies, or through collaborative arrangements for a group of companies. Performa Group is approved for categories 051, 053 and 054 research.

Benefits to our clients

Because of the government’s strict criteria for qualifying as a Registered Research Agency, clients can be assured that R&D carried out by Performa Group on their behalf will be of the highest standard.

Being a Registered Research Agency also benefits clients using Performa Group software development service as they may be able to offset R&D costs as follows:

  • Expenditures for Australian R&D work contracted to an RRA, within approved classes of activity, are eligible for either 125 or 175 percent deduction in the year of income, irrespective of the annual R&D expenditure of the claimant. That is, the normal annual expenditure threshold of $20,000 does not apply, and
  • Prepayments for contracted Australian R&D may be claimed by companies up to 12 months in advance of the work being carried out.

Professional Services

Performa Group offers a full suite of consulting services for all phases of software deployment from assessment and implementation, through to support and upgrade planning. To meet those needs, we have established Performa Group Professional Services, staffed by experts who will help assess technology needs and provide onsite deployment, best practices and integration.

Professional Services can provide a broad range of work that can be claimed as R&D, including:

  • Consulting services
  • Contracted Development
  • RRA Project Management services

Guaranteed Confidentiality

The following principles apply to R&D carried out for our clients:

  • Performa Group will act in the client’s best interests at all times
  • Clients have control over R&D undertaken by Performa Group on their behalf
  • Performa Group will maintain the confidentiality of R&D on behalf of all clients
  • Performa Group guarantees the security of all information supplied by clients
  • The results of all R&D are owned by the contracting company unless otherwise agreed

What Qualifies as R&D?

The contracted Australian R&D must be related to an eligible project and must be in one or more of the classes of activity for which the RRA is registered. Also, the company must be capable of utilizing, or must have formulated a plan to utilize any results of the R&D directly in connection with a business that the company carries on or proposes to carry on.

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