Performa GroupDirections Methodology provides the foundation and standards for implementing software projects. The Directions guidelines provide employees and contractors with a clear understanding of the expected project delivery standards and how to achieve them.


Throughout the five stages of our process, Foundation, Design, Construction, Deployment, and Continuing Support, Performa Group provides incremental deliverables, checkpoints, and acceptance events to develop the client’s depth of understanding and confident acceptance of the solution. The identification of measurable goals is the benchmark of our success.

Tailored to your needs

Performa Group baseline Directions Methodology can be adjusted to accommodate the unique needs of every client and project and serves to ensure we deliver a tailored, high-quality solution both on time and within budget.

The Directions Methodology


Project kick-off goes to lay solid foundations for the implementation of a successful outcome.

Acceptance of the mutually understood business requirements and solution scope leads to the solution Design phase


Collaboration forms the key to developing practical and desirable solutions for the requirements established during the Foundation Phase. Regular demonstration of design and the overall project progress ensures a successful outcome through stakeholder expectation management.


Several concurrent activities occur during Construction:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Outputs and Data Transformation
  • Transition

Acceptance of the Construction deliverables marks the transition to Deployment.


Deployment varies significantly from project to project, depending on the application architecture and the landscape of the production environment. Key elements may include:

Cut-over For applications with legacy data, Cut-Over begins with the execution of a carefully rehearsed data conversion process.
Educate The key to acceptance of an application, by administrators and users, is the detailed education and training provided with the solution.
Warranty All solutions are backed by a warranty period for application defects
Evaluate We measure the effectiveness of our work, and document our approach and findings, based on the objectives established in the discovery phase.

The business improvement process does not end with the deployment of the final solution; Performa Group offers a range of support options to assist clients with their continued evolution.

Continuing Support

Performa Group Support is offered to provide post-implementation confidence and support and can extend to conduct application assessment, recommendations and enhancements.

Maintenance Software License Maintenance Agreements (SLMA) allow for the provision of Helpdesk support (Helpline) and Software upgrades.
Support The Performa Group Support Service Agreement allows clients to establish blocks of support time to support training, general consulting and application enhancement
Consulting Ad hoc consulting services providing on call services at standard daily rates.
Management Single point of contact for all your after sales needs via your Account Manager

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