Sightline is a Strategic Project Portfolio Management System. Sightline is a Strategic Project Portfolio Management System design to support both Government and Corporate Organisations.

Sightline manages projects from a strategic view that aligns investments with business goals.
Sightline BID's PMO is out of the box, with pre built intelligence that grows and evolves to meet the changing needs of the PMO, to make the right project decisions as and when required and enables you to monitor and manage Business cases, Policies and Goals, Decisions, Gateways, Projects monitored and measured outcomes.

Sightline BID’s PMO Technology supports, pre-built, best practice business case templates that allows you to enhance prioritisation, optimisation, rescheduling, impact and interdependencies. Works with all your reference data, including: Budget, Finance, Resources and allows full security control access to manage who sees what, how and when.

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