Budget formulation is an essential step in the process of securing financial resources. Producing a solid budget submission also leads to better decision-making about future activities and budget strategies.

Budget formulation within Government has traditionally been a lengthy process that has not always fully benefited from or kept pace with advances in technology. With increased scrutiny of budgetary processes, and transparency being demanded by the public, plus requirements to be able to react quickly to economic change, governments are now placing greater emphasis on budget performance management.

Performa BIDS provide the performance management solution that help Government and Organisations create, model and manage various combinations of targets, forecasts, key business drivers and organisational structures to derive meaningful, realistic financial and operational plans.

Organisations may use planning functionality to set top-down targets, create driver-based plans, produce proforma statements and review predictive analytics. Any number of zero-based, historical-based, rolling budgets and plans can be supported in a collaborative environment, whilst ensuring speed, accuracy, integrity and control over the budgeting and planning process.

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