All the information that is required to be captured for the each case type will be configured on BIDS Forms using BIDS Studio’s drag-and-drop forms design tool. The necessary business rules are added to each form for data validation, process control and security.

This flexibility and ease of configuration enables the customer to control the information they want to capture and how that information is structured and presented.  New forms are easily added to the system - including new case types or different types of documents.  The layout of forms can easily be changed using BIDS Studio. 

BIDS forms can capture virtually any kind of data;

§  Numeric data

§  Financial data

§  Non-financial data such as statistics, geo-spatial co-ordinates, etc.

§  Non-numeric data

§  Text can be entered as simple text with no formatting

§  If formatting is a requirement then text can be entered using the rich-text editor and the formatting is retained along with the text

§  Date/DateTime

§  Yes/No

§  Files (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, PDF) can be attached to a document and business rules defined to enforce such attachments if defined conditions are met.

§  Application status, audit data

BIDS forms are easily configured for numeric, non-numeric, textual and reference data.

BIDS also interfaces with common mapping services (e.g. Bing or Google) for graphical presentation.

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