It can require so much time, work, and data to create strategic plans, sales forecasts, cost allocations, and budgets that many companies only update this information on an “as needed” basis. In many organizations, this effort is so painful that these plans function as post-mortem reports on what happened instead of up-to-date guides that provide visibility into the current performance of the organization.

Instead, imagine building your plans using a familiar interface and an application that offers a low-cost, flexible way for everyone who needs to participate in planning to do so, while providing you with the infrastructure and control to easily reuse the critical plans on an ongoing basis.

An Integrated Performance Management Application and a User-Friendly Interface

Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 can help you drive consistency throughout your organization, span planning needs across your enterprise, extend your investments in Microsoft, and provide every employee with a stake in the corporate performance management process.

Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 makes it easy to:

  • Import data from multiple sources, including multiple general ledger systems.
  • Easily feed data automatically into a centralized, trusted data store.
  • Embed standardized business rules and processes.
  • Provide everyone with a single interface.
  • Ensure that people only see appropriate and relevant information.
  • Track changes automatically.
  • Manage planning and budgeting processes.
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