Performa Group is a distributor and integrator of Infor's PMĀ (formerly MPC) financial and performance management application.

About Infor PM

Infor PM makes enterprise-wide strategic, financial and operational planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, reporting, and analysis easier, faster, more accurate, and more useful. Using the software, organisations collect data quickly over the Internet, without the errors traditionally caused by re-keying data and working with multiple spreadsheets.

They consolidate and store the information in a central, secure database, which ensures that the entire organisation works from a single version of the information and eliminates arguments about whose version is correct. From there, a variety of automated processes, guided workflow capabilities, built-in financial functions, and a familiar Microsoft Excel user interface combine to help people complete their tasks accurately, on time, and within established guidelines. The end result is more efficient and effective management of the company.

Product Highlights

  • View financial and non financial performance results on demand, not just at the end of the month, quarter, or year.
  • Link strategies to day-to-day activities and report on results so that plans become actions and people are held accountable.
  • Set up early warning alerts to learn about problems and opportunities while there is time to act.
  • Investigate the transactions and activities that contribute to summary numbers for a more complete understanding of the business environment.
  • Adjust plans, budgets, and forecasts if and when business conditions warrant a change, not just once a year during budgeting season.
  • Meet your regulatory compliance obligations confidently with the help of MPC's financial consolidation and statutory reporting features.
  • Enhance decision-making by evaluating alternative business scenarios quickly and easily.

Professional Services