Tracking proposals, requests and decisions, together with supporting documentation and narrative, is vital to budgeting processes in large, complex organizations and governments around the world.

Existing Corporate Performance Management (CPM), and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) products provide the planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting software to drive business performance, however these systems are primarily focused on the ‘numbers’ alone.

The BIDS budget formulation system is unique in that it has been specifically conceived and designed to bridge the gap between the capabilities of today’s CPM/EPM products and the need of complex organizations to manage and track their complex budget formulation and execution processes.

BIDS is a software product that creates and manages web-based forms to capture the financial, text and non-financial information required in the budget process.

BIDS allows trained end-users to change many aspects of the forms, processes and rules even after the system is installed. The benefit to your budget management teams is a reduced reliance on specialist IT resources to maintain the budget management system.

BIDS as an integral part of your budget formulation process

By using BIDS, organisations gain the benefits of configurable forms, automated business processes and user defined business rules within their budget management system. Financial and non-financial information is easily captured and flows seamlessly between financial analysis and reporting.

BIDS complements many CPM/EPM products, publication tools and other systems. Performa’s solution partners use BIDS to deliver integrated budget management solutions that are tailored to each organization’s unique needs.

Security, Rules, Processes and Data Capture Forms

BIDS features complex role-based workflow for data entry, editing, review and approval. BIDS automates the approval and review processes and uses business rules to validate captured information.

The forms, processes and rules are fully configured for each organization to meet their specific needs.


In complex organizations, the information captured may be sensitive and often the security requirements are not easily addressed. BIDS has a flexible and sophisticated access control mechanism that secures both information and processes to enforce organization security policy. The access control mechanism includes the ability to allow or restrict access to individual fields within a data form on a per user basis. BIDS allows organizations to be confident that sensitive data is protected at all times. BIDS also includes full data auditing, including each change to every data field, and records all updates users perform. BIDS auditing capabilities enable organizations to historically analyze and report on user activity.

Business Rules

BIDS validates the information being captured against configurable business rules that are specific to the organization. This means that organizations create a budget management system that supports their specific rules and requirements. Unlike other software products with rigid pre-defined business rule structures, BIDS rules are very flexible and can be maintained by trained users. By validating data with BIDS, budget staff spends less time manually checking that forms have been filled in correctly. BIDS business rules deliver greater productivity providing more time to focus on the budget itself.

Business Processes

The business processes are defined with BIDS to ensure that planning and budgeting processes are enacted according to the organization’s specific rules and procedures. The flexibility of BIDS allows business processes to vary depending upon the information captured. Typical examples include defining alternate paths when tolerances are exceeded, and varying the business process depending on what information is being submitted and who is submitting the information.

Data Capture

BIDS provides web-based data capture forms that enable organizations to control the information they want to capture and how that information is structured and presented. BIDS data capture forms use terminology and conventions that are familiar to the organization, making knowledge transfer, training and adoption easier. This approach contrasts with products that enforce a pre-defined structure which is difficult to change and may not meet the organization’s specific requirements.

Leading Edge Technology

BIDS is designed to integrate with other computer systems. Specific integration components can be created to extract data from existing financial management and legacy systems, and to publish data to other systems as required. The information that is captured during the budget process is available for reporting and analysis and can be transferred to a data warehouse if required.

BIDS implementations can range in size from a few users to many thousands of users. BIDS is used today to manage budget processes ranging from departmental corporate use through to whole of government budget management systems.

BIDS allows organizations to utilise the CPM/EPM product that best meets their specific needs.

BIDS comes with built-in support for selected CPM/EPM products and integration with other products and systems is possible during the implementation process.

BIDS does not require any components to be downloaded to the user’s web-browser and supports intranet, extranet and public internet access. BIDS is built on Microsoft’s .NET technology and works with SQL Server 2005 or Oracle 11i.

Comprehensive Forms Configuration

BIDS is built upon Performa's own accelerated application development architecture. It manages the capture of wide and varied information, including numerical and textual, and guides the information through a comprehensive workflow process.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • a commercial off-the-shelf product, that normally address a significant proportion of our customer's requirements out of the box;
  • an enterprise-grade, data centre ready, web-delivered capability able to be scaled to support thousands of users;
  • a rapid, tailored implementation which will deliver early efficiencies in work management;
  • a powerful facility by which to extend the capabilities of our product in order to meet all the specific needs of our customers;
  • a reduced overall whole-of-life cost to an organisation as we empower their own staff to maintain the provied solutions into the future.
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