Performa IT Australia designed and developed the Central Budget Management System (CBMS) to manage the flow of financial information between the Department of Finance and Administration and all Australian Government Agencies, facilitate the preparation of budget documentation, allow better monitoring of government expenditure and provide Department of Finance and Administration/Government Agency integration on a single platform.

BEAMassist provides Government Agencies with an offline facility to input BEAM data through an easy upload facility during peak periods.


Work offline, increase your speed and accuracy and easily meet deadlines without stress.

With Performa IT Group’s BEAMassist you can:

  • Prepare your BEAM data OFFLINE before connecting to the CBMS;
  • See the IMPACTS of your data entry in real time;
  • Enter your Budget and Actuals data into BEAM faster AND avoid mistakes;
  • Be confident that your data is correct BEFORE the deadlines hit.

BEAMassist allows you to easily create Budget and Actuals data offline prior to logging in to the CBMS. Once complete, the data can be exported into a flat file format, ready for upload into BEAM.

With BEAMassist, you are able to work on your data entry at a time convenient to you, reassured by the fact that the validation rules will be exactly those that are in BEAM. A selection of reports allows you to monitor the effect of your data processing.

BEAMassist is ideal for infrequent users of BEAM, with easy to use screens and comprehensive help, taking the user step by step through the process of creating data for upload into BEAM.

BEAMassist operates from your own desktop PC or laptop, without the need to install any software. Within minutes, you will be up and running.

The four modules of BEAMassist cover the processes of entering Annual Estimates, Monthly Estimates, Monthly Actuals and Annual Actuals.

Professional Services
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