Solutions for Government and the Public Sector

Enterprise and Government are complex places, and while governments often act like businesses and enterprises often have budgets bigger than those managed by governments, their decision-making needs are still different. Creating a government solution is not as easy as shoe-horning an enterprise solution to see if it fits. And creating an enterprise solution is not a one size fits all equation either.

How cleanly and precisely information moves internally is vital today in any business structure, whether enterprise or government. In all cases information needs to be quick, traceable and instantly accessible.

Performa is a company with deep, proven expertise in delivering complex, high-usage, multi-user systems for public sector organisations. We are experienced in establishing workflow and business rules solutions relevant to all levels of government and public sector.

Solutions for the Corporate Sector

Today’s business decisions have complex components underpinning them. Corporations are demanding more visibility into, and control over, results. Information is required quickly, accurately, and economically.

Performa can provide the systems to monitor, measure, analyse, and manage performance in real time, enhancing their ability to achieve corporate goals on a consistent basis.

Solutions for Non-profits and NGOs

Typically, non-governmental organisations have a community or environmental focus. They address a variety of issues such as religion, emergency aid, and humanitarian affairs. They mobilise public support and voluntary contributions for aid. They often have strong links with community groups in developing countries and often work in areas where government-to-government aid is not possible.

Performa can help these organisations with technology management solutions to address today’s critical business issues, and also to realise the full value of their existing investments in ERP and other back office systems.

Experience Counts

For over 25 years Performa IT Group has built complex decision-enabling solutions for Government and Enterprise that focus on the needs of each client and their customers. Along the way we have developed a framework of industry-strength accelerated application development tools that enable us and our clients meet our shared needs. These decision-enabling solutions are designed and built to give the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Professional Services