Handling decision-enabling processes within any organisation will always be a challenge and yesterday’s methods of paper shuffling through strict hierarchies are now seen by many as hindrances to change and growth. Other technologies have developed over the years to try and solve the many problems faced, however many have grown to a point where they are now building on an aging architecture and have lost their original prime task focus. The multi-function pocket knife approach just doesn’t work.

Deep, proven expertise

Performa IT is a company with deep, proven expertise in delivering complex, high-usage, multi-user systems for the government, corporate and public sector organisations.  We are experienced in establishing workflow and business rules solutions relevant to all levels of government and public sector.

An integrated solution

Not only does Performa IT partner with major suppliers of performance management solutions for government, we are also the industry leader in providing the strongest and most vital government budgeting software solution available today. We use a series of integrated products to provide a solution that addresses the needs of central budget management organisations.

Establishing a budget

It is widely understood that Governments, at all levels, go to considerable effort in establishing a budget. By far the biggest issue is the collection, checking & processing of bids from cost centres, departments etc. Another key issue relates to the manner in which those disparate departments record their data; the collation and reconciliation of this information is also an onerous task.

Create transparency and traceability

Performa IT Australia have particular experience with variations-style budgeting that takes place in government, but we have found that our work can benefit all organisations that need transparency and traceability in their planning processes. Performa IT Australia have developed applications that enhance the planning, budgeting and forecasting process in any organisation by making sure submissions are fully explained, reviewed and approved.

With the implementation of our applications, the results are transparency, openness and visibility of performance and financial information allowing for more efficient funding decisions and improved control.


Some of the Government and Public Sector Customers who have implemented our applications include:

  • Department of Human Services, Victoria, Australia
  • Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria, Australia
  • Government of Vanuatu, Vanuatu
  • Department of Budgeting and Finance, Virginia, USA
  • Department of Budgeting and Finance, Tennessee, USA
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