Visibility is the key

Performa has undertaken extensive research which has shown that business is demanding more visibility into, and control over, results. Information is required quickly, accurately, and economically.

Good management priority is to align IT and business strategy and goals through the integration and enhancement of systems and processes. With the right performance management tools, organisations can align corporate strategies with budgets, goals, measures, and people. Monitor, measure, analyse, and manage performance in real time, enhancing their ability to achieve corporate goals on a consistent basis.

Critical business issues

Organisations are turning to technology management solutions to address today’s critical business issues, and also to realise the full value of their decade-long investments in ERP and other back office systems.

Our customers have told us that there are four major issues affecting them:

Flexibility The constant need to change processes brought about by legislative, regulatory and market driven requirements affects organisations on a daily basis.
The ability to be flexible and change allows organisations to refine their decisions and objectives.
Control Lack of security and traceability means that it is difficult to establish who did what, when and why.
Having control provides the ability to meet your strategic and tactical objectives.
Reliability Many organisations have systems that may be slow, unstable, inefficient and costly to the business.
Reliability gives you the confidence to make timely decisions based on accurate information.
Consistency Having inconsistent systems means that your financial information does not align with business process.
Aligning process and financial information will ensure consistency is achieved throughout the business.

Performa IT Group offers solutions to address these issues including:

  • Business Performance Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Financial Management
Professional Services