The STATE of Tennessee Decides: BIDS

Following an extensive tender process and after the evaluation of a number of vendor offerings, the State of Tennessee have selected Performa’s BIDS Software to run their new statewide budget management system.

The new BEARS system architecture is BIDS on Microsoft BI with integration into PeopleSoft Financials. BEARS manages the following critical functional: Budget Formulation (Estimates), Adjustments, Position Control, Budget Execution (Actuals), Monitoring, and Reporting.

Tennessee is the 17 largest State in the USA with a population of 6.3 million and an annual budget of $33 billion USD.

The Commonwealth of Virginia WINs the "Innovation in Government Award"

The Virginia Department of Planning and Budget, after partnering with Performa and PPC have been awarded the coveted “Innovation in Government Award” for their innovative implementation of Performa’s BIDS software.

Virginia’s ‘BudgetFlow’ system successfully integrates their strategic and operational processes with performance based information and data structures. The Virginian solution was endorsed by the awards committee as the embodiment of a system that “offers its practitioners new insights and a view of budget dimensions previously unavailable.” The committee concluded that the launch of Virginia’s powered by BIDS solution had “set the standard for performance management worldwide.”

Vanuatu's budgeting needs evolve with BIDS

Performa Australia has been engaged by the Government of Vanuatu to identify options for the evolution of its budget management system. The engagement, to run through to early November includes strategic workshops to improve the present budget management process and structures using the BIDS technology.

BIDS is a software product that creates and manages web-based forms to capture the financial, text and non-financial information required in the budget process.

Department of Treasury Finance Victoria - upgrades SRIMS

The Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria has upgarded its State Revenue Information Management System to Performa BIDs version 4, to take advantage of New features and Performance Enhancements made to the BIDS system.

Solution Director (Brian Rogers) for the Performa Group saids, "Performa has invested significantly in making BIDS very responsive for very large applications with 10s of thousands of proposals and 1,000’s of users loading 1,000s of line items. In addition there have been significant number of new product enhancements”.